The LEGO movie characters presents:

Safety Video with Turkish Airlines

Wins 2018 Gold Clio Award

Theatrical Partnerships & Collaborations

The most watched safety video with over 33+ million views online and an estimated 200+ impressions worldwide. 30 different versions were made for 15 unique plane models, with production utilizing over 20 million bricks.

Turkish AIrlines Select Cue


Smallfoot Presents:

Super Soozie

Featured on the Smallfoot DVD, Soozie embarks on her own adventure to becoming a real life superhero. Production took months to complete and features kids from our very own production team. The music highlights the solo star power of Grayson who at the time of this recording was only three years old! Soozie was animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks

Super Soozie Select Cue

Safety video with LEGO movie 2 characters:

Batman Makes a Safety Video

Wins 2019 Silver Clio Award: Theatrical Partnerships & Collaborations

The Sequel to the first LEGO safety video took over 900 hours and four months to complete. Production took place across four different countries with 11 different versions created. Featuring Will Arnett and Tara Strong as Unikitty

Turkish Airlines Big Hollywood

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Presents:

Shark E. Shark in "Which Way to The Ocean?"

"Whcih Way to The Ocean?" is a short film included on the home media release of The Lego Ninjago Movie. The short follows a baby shark who tries to make its way back to the ocean after getting shot out of Garmadon's Shark Cannon. The short is animated in the style of the artwork seen in Lego construction booklets.


"I Will always think of you" an original song written by Rachel Kaplan, David Corwin, and Jesse Novak and performed by Jane Krakowski and Colman Domingo. Featured on season 4 of Bojack Horseman.

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